When Coffee And Caffeine Stop “Working”?


Mmm favorite coffee smells…… It tastes after just a sip … Well, can’t be an ugly day when we start with our favorite drink? Oh no, no! And every time we needed some peace, enjoyment and relaxation, reach for a cup of our favorite coffee. And every time we feel pressure, or lack of energy, when we are sleepy and we need a little ‘lift up’ coffee and caffeine steps up and safe the day, our knight in shining armor.


But perhaps you have noticed, sometimes, that neither coffee nor caffeine has what effect on what we believed they would have. Simply, it is not repeated. We wondered why this is so and found that coffee and caffeine stop “working”.

What studies have shown:


Studies have shown that coffee and caffeine do not help after three days really bad dream. Then the strength of the coffee in your body decreases and can wake you up and affect you feel better, and it will confirm anyone who at least once faced with severe insomnia. This research was conducted on 48 adults that 5 nights I slept only 5 hours. During the day some of them take a certain dose of caffeine, while others received a placebo. Researchers examined mood and energy in each of them, and showed that caffeine has ceased to act after the third day.


So, after 3 days even coffee can make us “rise from the dead” once for days sleeping badly. Of course, no liquor will be of great help. You must have enough sleep if you want to function normally because the coffee will have “kept back” only 3 days. After that – right in bed! Sleep and have a good night dreams!!!

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