If it is true that in the last moments of life, a man gets a flash of his life turns on what he did during his best years, his achievements while he is disfigured from this world. Today’s modern inhabitant on the planet will see what he gazed into his cell and nothing more. One thing is for sure that smartphone addiction is real and very dangerous.


Smartphone addiction studies!

An Englishman looks at an average of 10,000 times a year in his smartphone. Translated into a daily currency, this is on average 28 checks each day, which is a bit comparable to Ireland where 9 out of 10 adults have a smartphone and pay attention 57 times a day.

Research shows that more and more people become nervous when the phone is not in their arms, they become nervous or unbearably boring, and there are also studies that show that the smartphone can be an efficient defocusing tool while its owner try to focus on something else, even when the owner knows that his phone is turned off.


These addiction problems are most common in the new generations, where 39% feel uneasy, 43% are bored and 25% are afraid to miss something if they can not check their smartphones. Among them, there are 20% who feel relieved when they do not use a mobile, the problem is only that they acknowledge that such a decision is most often not carried by themselves, but they are forced to leave their phones during a certain situation ( doctor appointment, classes etc. ).

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