People Who Read Are The Best Partners And This is Why!

people who read

When you finish a good book you feel like you’ve lost a lover. The end may have been good, but you probably want to take a little more. You feel like you’re in love with a stranger who will never see it, people who read know this. This way of reading is called “deep reading” something that happens less and less because of our superficial reading because of the internet.

people who read

Deep Reading

The lost art of deep reading not only has a good influence on the concentration, it makes you smarter, more carefull and gives you new perspectives and ideas. According to one study, people who read feel more empathy. They also have the ability to appreciate the ideas and beliefs of others. When it comes to human connection, empathy is crucial. Each of us wants a partner who will understand and who will introduce us as they really are.

It is not surprising that people who read are better partners. They experience life through the lives of the characters in the books and much easier to understand the needs of others, because they gathered the wisdom of thousands of fictitious characters. People who read know what it means to love, to suffer and to experience the biggest ups and downs in life.

people who read

Well, if you search for someone who will full-fill you, start looking for a partner who reads. He or she will understand you, love you the way you want and most importantly, will be there for you when you need it the most.

Not only will you get understanding, he will “feel” you

To be honest, it’s worth to fall in love only in the person who really knows you, the person who knows your wishes, dreams, problems and pains. One study found that people who read have a greater understanding of the feelings and thoughts of others.

These book will reveal who you really are!

Why is this?

Maybe because literary fiction focuses on the psychology of the characters and their relationships. Very often these characters are not fully described, so people who read are forced to fill the gaps in order to fully understand the actions of the character. This psychological consciousness shifts in the real world that is full of complicated individuals whose lives sometimes are difficult to decipher. Therefore people who read can have a better understanding of you.

people who read

Rich vocabulary it’s sexy

People who read love words. They know how to use correct word at the right moment and you can “melt” with their talk. Well, if you’re lucky enough to find a partner who read, do not play around, hurry up and because readers are the type that is slowly dying!

If you can’t find time to read follow these five advice’s!

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