Marriage – All The Wrong Reasons To Get Married


Marriage is a loving union between two persons, actually those two people unite into one institution. This institution should be filled with love, respect and understanding. If all that is built on strong foundations, that can be the perfect institution.

But while some say the words “Yes” because their hearts are filled with love and because they know that they have found the right person. Find the right person that want to create a family and a lifetime to rejoice and cry with. Others jump in matrimonial waters triggered by the pressure of age, the environment or the desire for security.

Here are the wrong reasons to get married.

The biological clock countdown

Tick tock, tick-tock … all women hear their biological clock as the countdown and feel the pressure of time. Loud countdown clock and the fact that the approaching 30th birthday and already blew the candles on the 30th birthday cake. Without doubt strong enough reason for many women to get married, in order to give birth to their first child before too late.


Why is it wrong? Getting married is to find the right person with whom to share the rest of my life and that will build healthy family environment for growing children happy. If you stand on mad stone just because you get older, you may end up in an unhappy marriage without love, in which neither you or your children would not be happy.


Improving the financial situation

Deep in human nature is the need for survival and the search for financial stability is one way to meet that need. Whether it comes to the stronger or the weaker sex, the fact is that for many young people money are the main motive for marriage. There are those who do it on their own will and those who were encouraged by their parents.

get rich

Why is it wrong? Money cannot buy you happiness and love. You can end up in the house of dreams and a closet full of the most beautiful clothes. Without love and without faithful husband nearby. Besides, you can never be sure how long it will last financial stability. It’s like building a house on sand. Do not forget that at any moment a wind can blow and take away your sand, and therefore your house will disappear.

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