Incredible Transformations Of Matthew McConaughey


Matthew McConaughey in the past was famous as muscular seducer in mostly romantic movies.

Matthew Mcconaughey


But in the recent years, his image completely changed. Serious roles, excellent acting and readiness for physical transformations brought him up among the most respected actors of today.

Its physical transformations for roles attracted huge attention. Once he lost weight for 37 lbs for his role in “Dallas Buyers Club” and seemed to be “skin and bones”. 47-year-old American actor went to the other extreme and gain weight to almost 210 lbs for the role in the new movie “Gold”.

The excellent performance in “Dallas Buyers Club“, he deservedly got his first Oscar for Best Actor in 2014.

The action in “Dallas Buyers Club” takes place in 1985 and tells the true story of Ron Vudruf (Matthew McConaughey). Ron is a person affected by HIV / AIDS who doctors had predicted 30 days to live.

See the photos of the dramatic transformation of McConaughey:




After the great success, the Hollywood star had a new challenge – the role in the film “Gold”. In it, McConaughey starred unsuccessful businessman who goes in search of gold in the jungle of Indonesia.

matthew mcconaghey

For this film, Matthew gain weight by 40 lbs and weighed almost 210 pounds. In the show Ellen DeGeneres, he said the process of weight gain was awesome and enjoyable because eating cheeseburgers and pizza and drank beer whenever you wish its great, but then admitted that losing weight was not exactly fun.


It took me 8 months to gain weight enough for the film, and 6 months of hard training and a healthy diet to come back again in good physical shape.


The premiere of “Gold” is scheduled for January 27 next year.

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