Things We Do Differently With Our Second Child

A mother and her son with a new baby

After the first child we still have energy and hope that we are committed to it the idea that everything must be done perfectly. But then we get our second child and we realize that we must change our vision of parenthood and see things from another perspective. We realize that some exaggerated circumvent rules are just ridicules.

Below you can find the different approach that we use:

1. Nutrition

First child: Freshly cooked vegetables, cooked meals, and the menu of which there is no place for fast food. At least until the moment when close relatives when you are not around, will be able to offer the first snacks, crisps …

Second child: The remains of lunch, snacks, sandwiches, juice,…


second child

First child : 100% cotton, checked origin and most of the time a well-known brand.

Second child: Probably wearing first child clothes, or we buy something not to expensive because he will grow up fast.

3. Bathing

First child: Every night in the bath of a suitable size with the best natural gel for bathing baby.

Second child: Twice a week. Days remaining part mainly washing or showering eventually.

4. Sleeping routine

First child : Wrapped in his favorite blanket singing songs and going to bed every night at the same time. Strict adherence to the rules of the routine for the child’s sense of security.

Second child: Probably falls asleep with a bottle or pacifier in the mouth on the couch at 10 pm.

5. Friends

First child: Organization fellowship, agreeing with the mothers in the park for the next socializing.

Second child: Friends with older / older brother / sister.

6. Toys


First child: Wooden Toys top quality, mainly originating from the USA.

Second child: Toys made in China, it is new.

Rules about watching television

First child: Just “Baby TV” and maximum 23 minutes.

Second child: Older than 2 years has its own tablet, knowing how to see pictures of the cell and of course, watching cartoons feature.

8. Shoes

First child: From top quality USA signature, the price is not important.

Second child: Whatever brand or what is left of the first child.

child shoes
9. Photos

First child: Photos from the hospital, first tooth, first step, first out in the park.

Second child: Besides the picture from the hips, there isn’t another photography.



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