Drinking Wine Improves Brain Function More Than Math!


The latest research has proved that drinking wine has a better effect on the brain than math! Of course if you overdo you will not be able to function properly. But a glass of red or white wine can significantly improve your brain function.

Gordon Shepherd, professor of Medicine at Yale University, says that drinking wine turn on reactions in parts of the brain that are responsible for emotional and sensory reactions. His research was focused on the tasting of wines and Shepherd believes that we should not spit the wine if you really want to feel the taste.


He pointed out that drinking wine is the most important part of determining its quality. He even introduced the term “neuro-gastronomy” to describe how the brain creates its own perception of taste.

Allegedly, the taste is just an illusion created by the senses and emotions that surround us when we experience food.

The taste it’s not in the wineYour brain is the one that creates the flavor, “  explained Shepherd.

According to Shepherd, the flow of the wine in the mouth and air inhaled through the nose, and smelling of alcohol, is helping the brain to define the taste. The brain is activated when you breathe air with the smell of wine. The survey results helped to conclude that drinking wine activates the brain more than math or listening music.


“Molecules of wine would taste, but when we stimulate the brain, it creates a flavor in a similar way that creates colors,”      said Shepherd.

Shepherd believes that the brain interprets taste similarly as recognize colors. To create an image of the colors, the brain uses information it receives from the eyes about how light reflects off objects around us. He claims that our emotions to a glass of wine give information to the brain. The taste of wine can be influenced by our gender, race, saliva, age. The emotions that we have for ourselves and for those around us.

If you love wine or do you want to try different wine varieties, it is time to consider the benefits of wine for your brain. You might need to insert additional glasses of wine in your everyday life, but certainly no exaggeration!

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