Dermatologists Would Never Use These Cosmetic Preparations!


We all want younger and healthier skin, so people are ready to try anything. Without consulting dermatologists, which are the most important people when it comes to your skin health. When you search online for home remedies or natural cosmetics for you skin, you can find thousands of recipes and videos on how to make or what to buy. But are they all safe? Or even are they even good for you face? Like I said dermatologists are the best source of what is good or bad for your skin, what is the best and the worst remedy. Here are cosmetics that are blacklisted by the dermatologists because of their ingredients can cause more harm than benefit.

1. Products with artificial fragrance


The composition of the cosmetic product is labeled only as smell (fragrance). But artificial fragrances can cause skin irritations and have side effects because of the additives they contain. Therefore, dermatologists avoid cosmetics with artificial fragrances and instead, choose those with essential oils and herbal extracts. They are not just only safer, but they have much better effect on the skin.

2. Products with alcohol

We have news for you: Alcohol is an ingredient in most of the cosmetic products – such as those for hair care, the perfume, as well as those for skin. In fact, they just might be the reason why your skin is dry, peel or look gray. Therefore you must be careful how you repair the damage to the skin. It would be good to use moisturizing serums and creams with ingredients that will nullify the effect of alcohol in the cosmetics. Look for cosmetics containing antioxidants, peptides, hyaluronic acid …

3. Cosmetic preparations with lemon oil


Not all natural ingredients are good for every skin. Dermatologists do not want to use cosmetic products with lemon oil, because it can be irritating to skin, when exposed to sunlight, can cause severe reactions, and hyper pigmentation.

4. “Make itself” serum vitamin C

Many bloggers boasted domestic serum vitamin C. They just crush the pill of this powerful vitamin, but the biggest problem is that this form of vitamin C it penetrates the skin. Vitamin C is proven shiny skin because it stimulates the production of collagen, but only if the formula that will lead to skin cells. If you apply a vitamin C tablet skin, it will penetrate into the deep layers, but will remain on the surface of the skin and irritates, because vitamin C quickly oxidizes and instead help it harms the skin.

5. Preparations for darker skin

They create a chemical reaction in the skin which are not yet known what the long-term effects are. Therefore it would be best to embrace the natural color of your complexion and possibly for some major events, apply a powder or bronze to critical areas.

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