Confessions: Worst Christmas Gifts Ever


While buying Christmas gifts can be interesting and fun activity, however, sometimes it can be difficult, because it’s hard to choose the perfect gift for your loved ones. However if you don’t fulfill their expectations, at least you can laugh on some situations.

See below the statements from people who received bad or the wrong Christmas gifts for the holidays, so feel free to share your experience if you’ve gone through a similar situation.

It was a shirt which was written ‘I’m not a gynecologist, but you can take a look.’ I received from the mother of my stepfather. She knows that I want to be a doctor, and her English is not so good. It was hilarious. After we translate it to her, she almost cry in shame. Proudly carrying the whole day.”

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Teenage boy (12-13) receiving Christmas sweater gift from parents, studio shot

“I left some video games in my mother’s bedroom, she found and assumed that my father bought for me as a Christmas present. So for Christmas I got my own games. “

“I got a card from my grandmother to shop for underwear. The worst part was not the gift itself, but the fact that it forced my poor 19-year-old brother to go and buy it. As he says, the conversation unfolded like this: The clerk: “You buy for your girlfriend? ‘ My brother, ‘No, my sister … well, my grandmother … “Awkward silence …”

“Wooden kit from my aunt – the recommended age was 2-4 years old and I was 14.”

Christmas gifts

“It was not my gift, but it was very awkward. A few years ago my grandmother had a amputated leg, and since then, her health improved. But last Christmas my aunt bought her socks. It was very uncomfortable. “

“When I was a child, my grandmother loved me more than my sister. One year she bought me a Pokemon that was my favorite thing then. For my sister she bought a toy ball designed for cats. ”

“My grandmother gave me a bright red underwear eyes on them and extra black piece to put your penis inside as nose. I’m a girl.”

“For a Christmas gifts I got 18 pairs of socks. I was almost 12 years and tried to look pleased and I want to thank my parents, but as you open each pair, I got increasingly upset. My brother unwinding his toys and video games. I apologized, and I went to the bathroom and started to cry. My mother came and asked me what was happening. She said to stop crying and get back into the living room. Then give me the right gift – a laptop. The reason why I got socks was because my mother wanted to have something to roll over because my brother had a lot of cheap stuff, and I got a big one. I felt ashamed. Definitely happy ending! ”

Funny gift

“My uncle once gave me a big concrete block. He put random things and give me a miniature hammer and chisel. I chiseled and found some coins that looked like an arrow. My uncle is a most wonderful person in the family. “

“My cousin died drunk in a car accident, my mother gave me a device for measuring blood alcohol. It would not be so bad, but wrote that the card is from my cousin … its still uncomfortable.

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