We Asked a Stripper 17 Questions and Got Amazing Answers!

  1. How did you start working in a strip club, or become a stripper?

I have always been a dancer, but when I was 18 I injured my knee and that was the end of my professional career. Later, I had my own dance studio, but I closed it when I returned home. No studio wanted to hire me because they were afraid that I could take their customers.

Then, with my husband, we needed more money, and the studio that I was once member was on the same street with a strip club, and I said, “What’s in the embroidery?”

  1. How is the working time?

Brutal. The club where I worked had a day shift and a night shift. I worked mostly nightly. I started around 6.30 – 7 in the evening and I worked until 3 am. We had to work at least four times a week. If you do not work, or miss a shift,  the next time you pay a certain amount to go back.


  1. What does a normal shuffle look like?

I made a hairstyle before I left and there just was to make a hint – you should look nice when you go out on the stage. I changed my clothes from the clothes I came in … You do not have to go to work after the tang, I put on my heels and checked in with the DJ.

There are two bars on the main stage and it starts with one girl on each – you go from one to the other bar, to one part at the counter and there you perform the third point. Girls rotate.

  1. How does private dance / dancing work?

Dancing in a lap is that it brings you the most money. It’s not cheap (just over 20 euros per song), so you get off the stage and make a tour, as I called it. I walk around the club, I talk to someone, I flirt, I start a conversation . The person on stage is different from your real personality and it must always be included. It does not matter if you’re married, you have to look like a single, otherwise you will not get anything. You are their fantasy – and you can discover what they like if you talk to them. For example, one will say to you, “I love dominant women” and you include it – and you become such.

  1. What does private dance involve?

“I always take money in advance and dance on one song for 20 euros, or three for 45. We carry them in a VIP room, which is so fine and darkened with couches. You dance for them, but there is no sex. In the club where I worked, the space was open, and behind me there was another girl with a private dance also.

My turn was turning upside down. I took off my shoes (it’s very difficult to move on huge platforms). I spread my legs, put my hands on the floor and made me “stand on my hands” and ended up upside down in his lap.


  1. Are you getting stripped off the stage?

I have very big breasts. And that’s why I stayed covered, for the kids want to see what’s on it. I went topless to the stage if it was a low evening and there were not many people in the club. But that’s the way I made the most money-not to be topless, but to take off only during private dancing.

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