Amazing And Unusual Coffee Facts!


For many of us, our coffee time is a daily routine, but there are people who appreciate coffee much more then others. Some people just love coffee. If you’re one of them, it’s probably not enough just to drink it – you want to know more about your favorite drink without which you can’t spend a single day. Read the following interesting coffee facts !

Here are some coffee facts!

  • During the some Turkish weddings customs, grooms had to give vow that he will always provide coffee for his bride, and if he fail, it could result in a divorce.

coffee facts

  • Beethoven was so ferocious coffee drinker, that he used to count 60 beans of coffee before he prepare his favorite coffee drink.
  • Boston Tea Party resulted with Americans to switch from tea to coffee as a sign of freedom.
  • French novelist and playwright Honoré de Balzac reportedly consumed 50 cups of coffee a day to maintain inspiration while writing. The deadly dose is 100 coffees a day.
  • In 1674 there were a rebellion against the coffee. Women’s Petition Against Coffee has assured the masses that coffee turns British men in to “useless corpses” after it, coffee was illegal for those under 60 years old.
  • In 1511, coffee was banned in Mecca for the prevention of free thinking and gathering people for friendship.
  • The most expensive coffee Kopi Luwak is made from coffee beans that have eaten and then excreted Sumatran wild cat. At one point, it reached a value of over $ 300 per pound.
coffee facts
American servicemen enjoy a hot cup of coffee.
  • During World War II, American soldiers consumed espresso mixed with water because it was too strong them to consume.
  • The English term “cup of Joe” (cup of joy) comes from US soldiers who have been enjoying great coffee.
  • Coffee was declared illegal, not once, not twice, but three amazing time from different views out of three different cultures. The first time in Mecca in 1511, after which followed Charles II in Europe in an effort to suppress the ongoing insurgency and the last time by Frederick the Great in Germany in 1677 who was worried about the economic impact that would have suffered the country if they buy this potion.
  • There are rumors that coffee can be used as fuel for cars. Not now, but maybe someday in a near future. Can you imagine have e cup of coffee with your car?


  • In 1906, instant coffee was found by a Belgian in Guatemala named George Washington. Which George Washington you prefer more the coffee guy or the President!? 🙂
  • In ancient Arab culture, a woman could divorce her husband if he had not loved enough coffee. Is not that extreme love for coffee?
  • The word coffee comes from the Arabic language, which was called “qahhwat al-bun”, which was then shortened to “qahwa”. Turks have assumed as “kahve”, the Dutch have done “koffie”. Even then it was translated into English as “coffee”.
  • In the 17th century there was much debate about whether Catholics should not drink coffee. It was allowed after Pope Clement VII say it’s okay to drink.

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