Amazing Coffee Shops in LA

coffee shops


All coffee lovers have their favorite coffee shop where they consume their favorite coffee drink. But from time to time isn’t so bad if you go and explore some new coffee shops. Every café has its own style and flavor. LA has some of the best coffee shops in the US so we prepare a list of some of the best coffee shops! You can make this your coffee guide and check these places!

coffee shops

6 coffee shops you have to visit!

The origin of this café is from San Francisco, but like every good and quality business it’s growing so they have now a few cafés in the LA area make sure you try their cappuccinos!

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They are originally from Santa Cruz, and what goes the best with a cup of coffee, yes the answer is a delicious pastry. They have an excellent pastry in combination with best lattes ever.

van coffee shops

Lamill café it’s for espresso lovers, don’t miss the Silverlake.

So this coffee shop it’s a little different then you are used to, but it’s great if your kids are with you. With dinosaurs everywhere and life plants you will feel like you are drinking coffee in the Jurassic park.

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A great coffee shop, must try the Almond Macadamia nut Latte.

coffee shops

A great place to buy some Toms products and enjoys in a great coffee environment. Make sure you try their lattes.

PS: feel free to comment if you want to add or remove any coffee shop from the list!

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