7 Things You Should Avoid Posting on Social Networks During Christmas Holidays!


All feel Christmas Eve atmosphere and look forward to celebrating the Christmas holidays. In all this euphoria it is easy to exaggerate and forget that sometimes you can become annoying with all those posts on social networks associated with the holidays. You might think it’s nice that all the public on Facebook knows virtually every one of your New Year ornament, but for most of the people it’s not interesting. These are the 7 things you should avoid posting this period …

  1. Your list of Christmas wishes

Unless Santa Claus follows you on Instagram, there’s no need your other followers to know that this year you want adult coloring book or a cup of coffee with memes from “Star Wars.”

  1. All the gifts that you received


It’s great that you’ve gotten iPhone 7 branded bag and silk scarf. Everybody is happy for you, but the point of the holidays is not to rejoice in your gifts.

  1. Your Christmas tree

Have you spent a lot of time to decorate and really proud of it, but the sad truth is that the general public all its Christmas trees look the same.

Christmas holidays
Beautiful Xmas tree at night

4. Christmas inspirational quote … unless its hilariously funny

We all know that this is a time of new beginnings, changes and spending time with loved ones. You really do not have to be reminded of your Facebook friends with some inspirational quotes that you found on the Internet. The reality is that they have been seen. Instead, think of some original Christmas joke and smile your virtual world.

5. Excessively many hashtags

This applies to the whole year, but hashtags like #newyearholiday #gifts #santaclaus # christmastree, are really boring. Select two or three and go on with your life.

6. Photograph of you with a Christmas hat

This is not so terrible, but we guarantee that Facebook and Instagram will be overflowing with selfies from Santa Claus and Santa Clauses. Be more original and be different from the rest.


7. Photo of your pet with a Christmas hat

You think you can not be wrong if you post any photograph of your pet? Generally, pictures with Christmas hats are boring, no matter how cute your dog or cat. Unless you keep a tarantula. Christmas hat on tarantula sounds fun.


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