6 Tips: How to Spend Your Weekend!


In life we ​​respect and follow various rules, including those relating to our appearance and beauty. As recommended by beauticians we use products that suit our skin type and our age. We often stick to programs for ideal weight that are proposed by nutritionists, and we work out a lot to gain that sexy body that everyone desires. And at least once a week we are practicing eight-hour sleep to refresh our body and spirit. But to have a richer life than the one prescribed by various regulations, you need to add something private. Exceptions that will make you rejoice in the little things. Situations that will recharge a completely different way, at least once a month. How to spend your weekend.

Therefore, enjoy your weekend!

how to

  1. Magazines for cakes and cocktails

On the nightstand beside your bed, except love novels and books about healthy eating, store a small cook-book with recipes for cakes and cookies, or cocktails. Five minutes reading before sleeping is enough to remember the most important ingredients that should be obtained for a Saturday party. The rest will be taking care of by your imagination and your friends.

  1. Gossip Party

If you’re a fan of red nail polish and deep trust that is ideal for an elegant and sexy look.  Still have a desire to try something avant-garde, such as dark blue, purple or metallic silver shades, then organize a girls party that the ticket will be several bottles of nail polish. Here is the opportunity for open discussion of women’s seemingly trivial matter such as manicures, and the way you’ll learn other tricks form your girl friends.


  1. Beauty innovations

The manicure sets and palettes with makeup containing eye shadow, lipsticks and eyebrow pencil are fashionable. Packed in glossy metallic boxes looks so sweet that has no chance to resist. Simply, they must be yours. And when you get them, suddenly seem so useless. Because they have yellow, pink, green and red eye shadow that nobody use them. But after you use that for fun, in the mirror you discover that the red eye shadow. In fact, is your favorite for special evening events.

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