6 Terms You Should Use Less In Forthcoming 2017


Some words can lose their true meaning, just because are too much used in everyday life. Also, the use of some words your statements may lose its value or be taken in the wrong sense. For this purpose, see what words should exclude from your vocabulary in the forthcoming 2017 to make it sound more convincing and confident.

  1. “Sorry”


This word has become so common that people use it even when they really do not want to apologize. Therefore, in 2017 try to remove this word from your everyday vocabulary and use it only when you really think.

  1. “Just …”

By add the word “only” in your statement, you automatically reduce its power. For example, when you tell your partner “I just wanted to know where you are …” it reduces its value and its meaning. Feel comfortable in what you say.


  1. Unnecessary shortcuts

Do you think you will save valuable time if you use in your everyday life unnecessary shortcuts instead of saying whole words? Maybe, if you are typing on your self-phone.

  1. “Very…”

Rather than use this word added to some descriptions, use powerful words. For example, instead of saying that something is very nice, say it’s wonderful, magical, impressive and etc.

  1. “I love”

    i love

Do you love your husband or wife in the same way as you love your favorite handbag? Surely not. Well, when you talk about things you “want”, use words that are more appropriate, such as worship. Do not let this powerful statement to fade from too much use.

  1. “My life depends on …”


Certainly your life doesn’t depend on your career, your partner or your friends in such a way that you depend on the heart, brain, lungs and other organs. So your life depends most of your health.

Any way We wish you a happy new year, and very successful one on all fields!

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