10 Useful Dads Tricks That Makes Everyone Happier

best dad

What is the best thing about dads? They are fun, interesting and handy from time to time. They have a different approach which can be very effective and in the same time fun for your children. Here are 10 tricks that some dads are using and believe there are a lot more!

1.Dads know how to make the perfect ponytail with the help of the vacuum cleaner

dad vaccum daughters hair

Dads always find some creative and interesting way to do daily chores. For example why not use the vacuum to do your daughter ponytail. It’s interesting, fun and the result will be brilliant.

2.Make a racetrack on your shirt for a free massage


Take a few markers and draw a street racing tracks on the back of some of your old t-shirt for children to play with strollers while you get a free massage. This everybody wins and that’s exactly every dad’s dream!

3. They can show you that lighting a candle can be fun


You can easily incinerate every candle in the house using only dry spaghetti and fire from the stove. You are doing a simple job in a interesting way and your children will love it.

4. Playing video games

I'm going to beat you, Dad!

If you want to play your favorite video game, but your children don’t let you do it without them, simply remove the batteries from the second joystick and give them so. It will be double fun to play this way!

5. Dads always save there shoe pads and this is why!

shoe pads

To teach your children to a particular sport, you must first show them how to properly stand. The easiest way to do this is if you put an old shoe pads in the appropriate position for the feet.

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